Phase 1 Invisalign - The Process

April 19, 2019

Invisalign has certainly taken dentistry by storm and Quince Orchard Dental Specialists wants your child to benefit from this advancement in dental technology. Traditionally at their visit to the orthodontist, children who are aged 10 and under, who had mixed dentition (both baby and adult teeth), had to use expanders to widen the jaw due to narrow arches which can usually lead to crowding. The expansion is used to create room and align the teeth not just for cosmetic reasons but also to create room for the adult teeth that will inevitably come in. This helps to prevent the extraction of adult teeth later on when they are ready to get full braces. Oral habits such as thumb sucking or an underbite and other skeletal discrepancies are other reasons to see an orthodontist. These types of dental issues can typically qualify a pediatric patient for Invisalign.


Invisalign is a custom-made aligner that is usually computer-generated from a mold of the patient’s teeth, so the fitting is unique. This clear aligner is used to move and properly align teeth for a straighter, more beautiful smile. It is deemed to be a lot more comfortable and less painful, cleaner than traditional metal braces, and in many cases, the treatment is faster especially with the cooperation of the patient.  Many people are not aware that this product has a version called Invisalign Phase 1 which is made especially for kids.


At Quince Orchard Dental Specialists, the process begins with booking an appointment. We then take their pictures and dental x-rays to determine what the dental issues are.  The process of diagnosis begins with listing the dental issues. These issues are then categorized and prioritized according to what should be worked on first. A treatment plan is then formulated according to the needs of the patient. A choice of traditional braces, expanders appliances, or Invisalign is given. After hearing the pros and cons of each option, many parents opt for Invisalign.


Once Invisalign is opted for, the patient’s mouth is scanned. Scanning is done with a wand that has a small camera used to take pictures which are used to form a 3D mold version of your child’s teeth. One month later it is ready to be collected and installed. Small attachments are then placed on the teeth which will help with the retention of the Invisalign and aids with restricting teeth movement. The patient makes follow-up visits to the orthodontist every 10-12 weeks, which works well for many of our patients and their parent's busy schedules.


The benefits of Invisalign Phase 1 are manyfold.  It is a proven way to treat dental issues from an early age.  At our practice, we have seen incredible success rates, which makes our little patients and their parents happy. The benefits of an improved appearance of children’s smiles have also been shown to boost confidence and self-esteem.  We look forward to the opportunity of transforming little smiles into bigger, more beautiful smiles. If you are interested in learning more, contact us here.

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